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High Vibe Book Club

The High Vibe community thrives on growth. Reading is a foundation of this growth.  We're always sharing our favorites, relating our experiences back to these books. Now there is a space to discuss all things self-growth and business books! 

The third Monday of every month, we will meet for 2 hours in a guided discussion around the business book of the month.  Discussing the points of the book through the eyes of others bring such valuable insight. With a community that is full of entrepreneurs from different types of businesses, communities, backgrounds, you're going to get perspective that you never would have in reading the book alone.  

What if I don't finish the book? 

Listen, life is life. Things come up, sometimes it doesn't catch your attention, whatever the case is. I facilitate these calls and STILL sometimes mismanage by time and don't finish the book. While I think you can contribute the most by reading the book, you will get an email the Friday before with my 10 takeaways from the book and questions that we will be using to facilitate the discussion.  Your experiences and thoughts on the topic are still valid.  We still want you to come! 




 * cost does not include purchase of the book 

1 Business or Self Growth book to read each month 

2 Hour Zoom Meeting Monthly 

Ten takeaways from the book and thought provoking questions to prep for the discussion

Recap Email about highlights, favorite quotes, etc.

 * Third Monday of Every Month from 6:30-8:30pm

* Subject to change due to a national holiday

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