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Mindset is Everything

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Wondering who I am to be talking about sales? Great question!

My name is Merchon Hargrave, the Founder of High Vibe Cowork. 

My first accountability group was created because I needed a space to show up for sales! 

For the past decade, I have been in sales roles in different capacities. Taking one company that was selling in two states to selling in 26 states, taking a studio of 190 members to over 500 members, to starting my own company, it all started when I decided to not be scared of sales.  As Amanda Frances says

"Selling is a commitment to your calling."

People cannot buy something they don't know exists.  

Believe me, I know, putting yourself out there is not easy.  Hearing no is uncomfortable (I used to sell to car dealers, I heard A LOT of that.) Asking for the sale is a muscle that takes practice using. 

My form of selling is a farmer mentality. You plant a lot of seeds. You nurture them. Some of these seeds sprout fruit! Enjoy your feast! 

Then it is time to plant more seeds.  

Want to learn more about me and my community? Book a call with me! 

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