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Oh Creativity, You Finicky Being

What does creativity look like to you?

How does it feel for you?

When does it show up for you?

As someone who is new to calling themself a "creative", this process of sparking, engaging, and weathering the storms of my creativity has been enlightening.

There can be a funny dance with creativity. Some moments it can feel like an endless well that will continue to give and thrive. Some times it feels like if I try to produce one more thing I will literally shrivel away like Ursula's poor unfortunate souls.

I put together a list of things that I do when I need a creative spark. I want to preface it with this. Sometimes all my creative heart needs is nothing. It needs rest. It needs peace. It needs to not be needed.

I do believe that our ideas are limitless and abundant, AND it is ok not to be creative all the time.

Things that spark creativity for me:


I put together a list of my favorite books to read when I am in need of creative juices on my IG, check it out here: Books that Spark my Creativity

It doesn't have to be a creative book, sometimes it is fiction. I think consuming others creativity (in a non- let me sit in the scroll hole so I can detach from reality sort of way) is a great way to refuel yours. It may also be a blog. It really is just about absorbing the creative juices of others. Creativity can be so contagious.


Find communities of other creatives. That can be on IG, through coworking spaces, creative fairs and festivals, meet ups, Facebook groups, the local coffee shop, find people who are being creative. Again think about it being contagious. Seeing what other people have created and their process of creativity has inspired so many ideas in my head many times.

One of my favorite parts of the High Vibe Community is that it is niche agnostic. It isn't necessarily about being around other writers, singers, coaches, bloggers, or Etsy shop owners. It is about being in spaces where others are creative and inspired.

Dedicated Wander Time:

I have had very few ideas come to me when I am sitting in front of my computer with a cursor blinking at me. They have come in nature, in my car, on a walk, while day dreaming. The idea of High Vibe came to me on an exercise bike!

Every week, I set aside time to wander. I just let my mind wander. There is no expectation on what to think about or what will come of it. It is a beautiful space to let my subconscious come breathe and release things that are frequently submerged under my to do list.

Brene Brown gets her best ideas on a walk. Sara Blakely creates commutes for herself even when she is working from home because driving sparks ideas. Arianna Huffington talks about the beauty of Wander in her book, Thrive, and how meaningful it is to us as humans.


One of the reasons why I grew up thinking I was not a creative, is because I am not skilled in the traditional mediums of art and creativity. I don't write poetry, I cannot draw, I can't sing or create music.

Creating something that I am not good at or I know is not going to ever be people facing, creating just to create something for me, is another thing that helps me through my ruts. I paint into a sketch pad no one will ever look at. I use my adult coloring books. I sing in my shower. I play with the different settings on the photo editing app. It is play, creating for creating's sake.

Being in a rut is part of the creative process. What do you do during these ruts? I would love to hear what creativity looks like to other creatives.

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