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  • Wanting to grow into something new

  • Overwhelmed by the "Shoulds" of what to do

  • Craving community and accountability 

  • Not quite sure what the next right step is 

Is this you? 

Finding community is the best way to grow.  High Vibe is a community of like hearted women who are here to support, uplift and inspire you on this wonderful journey. 

The High Vibe Bus
is Here for you! 

You Don't Need 

A complete business plan

A business degree or experience

To feel like an entrepreneur

You Do Need 

An idea you keep coming back to

Love community and supportive spaces

An openness to grow


Pick the community level perfect for you 


Cohort Access

*Most Popular

 Ready to put your goals on the front burner? Whether you are looking to grow your business, your passion project, or your personal growth, this group will accelerate it. 

Monday and Friday accountability meetings in a small intimate setting of no more than 6 people (30 minutes each).  Additional calls Tuesday-Thursday (optional, 1 hour meetings). Access to Mighty Networks Community as well. Your transformation is waiting. 

Runs for 10 weeks. 


Community Access

Whether you need inspiration, motivation, education, have it at your fingertips!

Access to the Mighty Networks community and coworking calls. Community is the best way to grow! ​$27/month​

Creative Office
Screen Shot 2023-04-19 at 2.50.52 PM.png

1 on 1 Goal Setting

Do you have a lot of ideas and plans running around your head but not sure where to start? Do you want to start your own business but struggle to take the first steps?  One on One time with Merchon is what you need! We will formulate a plan and get the ball rolling for you. 

Book a call to learn more.

Unsure? Learn more about each level.


Cohort Access

The perfect group setting. In an intimate cohort of 6 women, we meet Mondays and Fridays to perfectly bookend your week.  On Monday calls we set up the 2-3 things you want to focus on to move the needle forward. On Friday calls, we wrap up how you did with your 2-3 things, a lesson from the week, and a celebration. The perfect level of support to really see transformation. 


Community Access

This community is full of people walking a similar season in life.  In the Mighty Networks of High Vibe, you will find a group of topics, courses, connections and co-working in a user friendly app. If you have some ideas but need some direction or need deeper connections throughout the day, this group is for you. 

 Try out a week for free! 


One on One

Do you need next level accountability and a serious plan? Let's do it! After a VIP day with Merchon, you will have a north star for the next 12 months, along with routines, action steps, and the technology set up to create efficiency and keep you in your zone of genius.  Amplify your impact immediately.  

Book a call below to know if this is the right level for you.

Being a business owner is hard

Believe me, I know.  You are wearing so many hats. You have to make ALL the decisions.  There is no right answer. You have so many ideas and also have no idea where to start. 

If that resonates with you, YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT. 

In 2020, I was craving more community.  I didn't know what shape it had, but I wanted to be in more rooms with entrepreneurs.  I decided to start a group accountability group, meeting for 30 minutes on Monday and 30 minutes on Friday, for 10 weeks. 

It was everything I was looking for and more.  

In 1 hour a week, entrepreneurs and starts ups have transformed their businesses by showing up for themselves. 

If you're like other High Vibers, you have a business or product that you have seen impact others lives. You want more of what you offer in the world.  You enjoy being of service to others.  

What does your business or idea need to succeed? 


Julia, NY

“A supportive, BS free environment in which to thrive and grow."

Beth, MD

"The perfect combination of weekly accountability and support. Encouragement comes from member's successes and failures! And Merchon is a great ringleader!"

Alison, IL

“I love this group! It is so inspiring to have regular touch points with others who are also hustling to design the lives they want to live, and are committed to lifting each other up in the process. I always feel inspired, stronger, and more focused after the accountability calls.”

What is a High Vibe Membership?

 Virtual meetings for you to bring intention and attention to your business and goals

Safe space to show up as your authentic self and take action on your *scary* and *exciting* dreams

A group of like hearted people who are inspirational, aspirational and motivating. 

A virtual community for soloprenuers, entrepreneurs and creators 
    What does that mean for you? 

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