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The only thing I can guarantee, is you not succeeding

There is no guarantee of success. In working with entrepreneurs for the past few years, I cannot guarantee that in going through my 10 week program, or ANY coaching program, that you will be successful.

There is no magic bullet in business, especially entrepreneurship. There is no way to know that if you take these exact steps, you will be successful.

Yet there is something I CAN guarantee.

If you don't take any steps, you will never succeed.

When I was in High School, I tore my ACL. I had surgery in October of my sophomore year. It was devastating, I was losing out on two of my sports seasons, potentially a third.

Softball season was exactly six months from my surgery date. Rehab for an ACL tear is 6-9 months. If rehab went PERFECTLY, I might be able to try out for softball.

I remember leaving the appointment with my Dad, an absolute mess. Of all of the possibilities I had ran through before the appointment, this was the worst diagnosis.

He said to me

"I can't guarantee that if you work hard in rehab that you will make it back in time for the season. I CAN guarantee that if you don't work hard, you definitely will not make it back in time for the season."

I religiously stuck to that rehab schedule. I did all of the exercises. I never missed a PT appointment.

I did not do it alone. Every time I wanted to give up, I had someone beside me pushing me along. The strength my Mom had to push me through the activities even though she could see the pain I was in was admirable. Even with 5 kids, my parents drove me to PT, to volleyball practices (I went even thought I couldn't play), all of my Doctor's appointments.

My first week of rehab, I couldn't bend my knee more than 5 degrees.

March of that year, I was a Varsity athlete for the softball team.

When you take your first steps as an entrepreneur, there is no guarantee that they will work. That first idea you have may be brilliant. It may be an awful idea and a step towards your actual brilliant idea.

The point is, until you make those steps, you won't know success. Until you make the actual moves, there is no way for you to achieve your dreams.

Those steps are scary. They are hard. They are uncertain.

They are the path in the right direction. Take the steps.

If you do, you will get there, or somewhere better.

If you don't, you definitely won't.

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