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High Vibe Table Talks

Do you hear that small still voice calling you to do something different, to achieve something greater, to live your best life now rather than later? 

If you're a woman contemplating your next move, you’ve found the perfect podcast to empower your self-growth journey.

At High Vibe Table Talks, we tackle the mental barriers and blocks that are preventing you from taking the next steps towards your high vibe. 


Hosted by Merchon Hargrave, owner of High Vibe Cowork in Rochester, NY.

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JazzCast Pros LLC is a woman-owned production agency specializing in development, editing and distribution of podcasts and promotional content.

Founded by veteran broadcaster Jazzy T, the JazzCast Pros Network embraces best practices of broadcasting and podcasting to create a platform for thought leaders to share advice and stories with a niche audience across the globe. 

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