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The ABC for Entrepreneurship

I heard this phrase while creating my vision board last year and it has been on a post it next to my desk ever since.

Action Breeds Clarity.

It can feel counterintuitive. I have to know what to do before I can do anything, right? When we feel like we have to know exactly what the next right step is, and the 10 steps after that, we freeze.

What if this isn't the right next step?

What happens when when they say yes? What happens when they say no? What do I do if they don't say anything at all?

Because we don't have answers to questions 3-8, we never take step one.

It comes in all forms of the mindset and growth books I read.

My favorite recent one is from Amanda Frances who said "bow your head and move your feet."

Jen Sincero talks about taking the next right step.

Dr. Martin Luther King JR, "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

It is about trusting the process and believing in yourself that whatever decision you make will bring success or it will bring data. Most of the time it will bring both!

I started reaching out to colleges that were a part of Start Up NY. They were connected with entrepreneurs and maybe could connect me with some. After having conversations, there are colleges who are now interested in courses taught to their students about entrepreneurship!

Did it go the direction I had originally intended? Nope

Did it go possibly even better? Yup.

Taking the action, planting the seeds, making the asks, is going to put you in a better position than thinking through all of the possible outcomes and never making a move.

If you find yourself hesitating to take that first step, I encourage you to dig a little deeper in to why.

Is it fear? Perfectionism and hesitation show up because of fear a lot in entrepreneurship.

Take a look at some goals or activities that you haven't hit. Is there anywhere in there you haven't acted because you feel like you don't have the full picture? Take one step. Then take one more. The staircase will appear.

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